Sunday, 13 May 2012

My galaxy print obsession

So lately I've had this huuuugeeeee galaxy print obsession! I simply love the galaxy/universe stuff and I'm really thinking about studying astronomy as well if I can get a chance!
But! Until now my obsession have attacked some of my old boring black clothes and shoes! And here's what it looks like! :D

An old pair of shorts:

An old pair of leggings

(which is not dry yet)

And at last my old pair of all stars! :D

So yeah... This is my currently obsession.. xD
All I used was acrylic paint colours: white, blue, red (and mixed purple)
I used an old sponge and two paint brushes in two different sizes.

Hope you like it and I'll talk to you later!!
xoxo pirateshipster

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