Sunday, 13 May 2012

My galaxy print obsession

So lately I've had this huuuugeeeee galaxy print obsession! I simply love the galaxy/universe stuff and I'm really thinking about studying astronomy as well if I can get a chance!
But! Until now my obsession have attacked some of my old boring black clothes and shoes! And here's what it looks like! :D

An old pair of shorts:

An old pair of leggings

(which is not dry yet)

And at last my old pair of all stars! :D

So yeah... This is my currently obsession.. xD
All I used was acrylic paint colours: white, blue, red (and mixed purple)
I used an old sponge and two paint brushes in two different sizes.

Hope you like it and I'll talk to you later!!
xoxo pirateshipster

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fourth day of dieting

So very short because it's getting late.My fourth day of dieting has gone well! No sins today! And actually... all the sweets people are eating at my school.. doesn't really matte to me any more รถ It's not that I hunger after eating sweets.
So the meal of the day has been, soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was allowed to eat maximum 3 bananas and "ordered" to drink a whole litre of skimmed milk. And I never drink milk. Never. Well.. except in the summer when I'm enjoying myself with a bowl of strawberries, sugar and milk. Because that's really good!!

But a short update of how my diet is going :]

xoxo pirateshipster

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm a diet sinner!!

So I've been on this diet since the start of the week. And up until now, it has gone very well. But I have to admit.. I'm a sinner.... I know it's early to sin but like really. I totally forgot I'm not allowed to drink alcohol during the diet. But one of my friends offered me a beer after school and I simply couldn't resist, and I've totally forgot that alcohol during the diet is a big no no. And just after we've finished our beers.. I remembered... It's kinda stupid but God I felt guilty. And my friend called me fat (only as a joke since I'm on a diet and people thinks it's kinda stupid) but yeah.. If we look away from the perspective that I wasn't allowed to drink, it was a very nice beer! :D
But come on. It could have been worse. I could have bought a whole lot of chocolate when my friend pulled me intro the cafeteria, but instead I bought fruit. And besides the beer I've been eating and drinking what i should be eating and drinking :]

So today's diet rule was eating soup, fruit and vegetables. And of cause a lot of water!!
So in the morning, I'm drinking a cup of hot soup with vegetables or fruit and a glass of water. During the whole school I'm eating fruit and vegetables. When I get home I eat a big bowl of soup and as a snack an apple or a pear. For dinner (depending on what day it is) I'm eating one to two bowls of soup, fruit and whatever I'm allowed to eat that day as a reward.

So that's what I've been eating the whole day. It's going pretty well (except the beer) and let's cross fingers that it will continue that way! :D

xoxo pirateshipster

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Diet is going well!

So since the start of the week, my mum and I decided to go on a diet since we both thought we gained a bit of weight. So yeah. We thought it was time for a diet.

So Mondays diet  was only vegetable soup and fruit the whole day. And of cause a lot of water and exercise!! It was okay. I mean I could eat all the fruit I wanted and the soup's not too bad either once it's warm :D

But today was a lot worse! I mean. I was only allowed to eat soup and vegetables. It's not that I don't like vegetables. Because otherwise it would be very difficult being a vegetarian xD; but the fact that I wasn't allowed to eat any fruit at all!! And all my class mates was eating chocolate right in front of me the whole day! But yeah. The hardest part was I wasn't allowed to eat fruit today. Not funny. BUT!! The good thing is I'm totally allowed as a little reward to myself, I can have an oven-baked potato! And I can't even spell how much I'm looking forward to that! :D which may sound a little stupid.. but that's the diets rules. And those rules have to be obeyed! BD

But that was my diet over the last two days. I'll post how my diet is tomorrow which I look forward to! And I can say. This diet works.. I've lost about 1½kg since Monday. And that was taking my weight with a full stomach! :D
I hope you enjoy this shitty random piece of... yeah... shit...
I'll see you later!

xoxo pirateshipster!

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