Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm a diet sinner!!

So I've been on this diet since the start of the week. And up until now, it has gone very well. But I have to admit.. I'm a sinner.... I know it's early to sin but like really. I totally forgot I'm not allowed to drink alcohol during the diet. But one of my friends offered me a beer after school and I simply couldn't resist, and I've totally forgot that alcohol during the diet is a big no no. And just after we've finished our beers.. I remembered... It's kinda stupid but God I felt guilty. And my friend called me fat (only as a joke since I'm on a diet and people thinks it's kinda stupid) but yeah.. If we look away from the perspective that I wasn't allowed to drink, it was a very nice beer! :D
But come on. It could have been worse. I could have bought a whole lot of chocolate when my friend pulled me intro the cafeteria, but instead I bought fruit. And besides the beer I've been eating and drinking what i should be eating and drinking :]

So today's diet rule was eating soup, fruit and vegetables. And of cause a lot of water!!
So in the morning, I'm drinking a cup of hot soup with vegetables or fruit and a glass of water. During the whole school I'm eating fruit and vegetables. When I get home I eat a big bowl of soup and as a snack an apple or a pear. For dinner (depending on what day it is) I'm eating one to two bowls of soup, fruit and whatever I'm allowed to eat that day as a reward.

So that's what I've been eating the whole day. It's going pretty well (except the beer) and let's cross fingers that it will continue that way! :D

xoxo pirateshipster

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